Note: you don't have to manually set the time and venue on each game – you can do that in bulk by entering your time slots. Please see the Getting Started Guide (LITE) or Getting Started (PRO/Tournaments).

However, if you need to fine tune your schedule, it is easy to make manual tweaks.

You can edit almost anything about a game by 

  • clicking on it
    Venue, time, and referee are all clickable.
    Clicking on the time also lets you change the date.
  • via drag and drop
    You can drag a team onto another to swap them.
    You can also grab a game by the V in the middle and drop it onto another game to swap their time, venue and referees (if any are assigned).
  • or through the edit game dialog
    Change the week, assign assistant referees / umpires / officials, or designate a game as a friendly (scrimmage – not counted for standings).


Drag and Drop Games


Drag and Drop Teams



Edit Game Details / Delete Game


Quick Venue Change


 Quick Time (and/or date) Change


Quick Referee Assignment


Editing Dates / Changing Season Start Date

You can also click on a date to shift all the games on that day to another date - and another week if necessary.

If you change a date in Week 1, you'll be asked if you want to move the entire season by the same interval. E.g. if you changed November 1 to November 21 under Week 1 and confirmed YES, all games will be moved 20 days into the future.


Calendar View

In PRO, we also have a calendar view available that allows drag and drop.
See this article for details on that.

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