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Making Manual Tweaks
Making Manual Tweaks

Changing games manually / venue / time / date / referee

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Note: you don't have to manually set the time and venue on each game – you can do that in bulk by entering your time slots. Please see the Getting Started Guide (LITE) or Getting Started (PRO/Tournaments).

Drag and Drop Games

Grab a game by the V in the middle and drop it onto another game to swap their time, venue and referees (if any are assigned).

screen capture demonstrating drag and drop for whole games

Note that you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or your mouse wheel to scroll while dragging a game.

Drag and Drop Teams

Drag a team onto another to swap them between those two games.

screen capture demonstrating drag and drop to swap teams between games

this only swaps those two games – if you want to swap all games of two teams, see this article 


Edit Game Details / Delete Game

Click the edit game button to access all available settings for a game.

an arrow pointing at the edit game button

Change teams, scores, points, date, time, venue, week, referee, assign assistant referees, or designate a game as a friendly (or scrimmage), lock the game, or add a comment.

Friendly games (scrimmages) will not be counted in your standings.

Comments will be displayed on the schedule under the game:

preview of game comment on schedule

Quick Venue Change

You can click the venue for each game directly on the schedule and select a new venue from the dropdown.

screen capture showing how to quickly change a game's venue


Quick Time and Date Change

You can click the time for each game directly on the schedule in order to modify the date and time the game is scheduled for (you can type in the time field for custom times other than the half-hour intervals shown in the dropdown; remember to add am or pm or use 24hr format).

screen capture showing how to quickly edit a game's time and date


Quick Referee Assignment

Click the whistle icon on each game to assign a referee from the dropdown. (Add your referees via the Referees button on the schedule maker first.)

screen capture showing how to assign a referee

Editing Dates

You can also click on a date to shift all the games on that day to another date - and another week if necessary.

screenshot showing where to click to change the date for all games under one date

Change Season Start Date

If you change a date in Week 1, you'll be asked if you want to move the entire season by the same interval. E.g. if you changed October 7 to October 28 under Week 1 and confirmed YES, all games will be pushed 21 days later.

Swapping Weeks

You can swap a week's schedules for another week's schedule by clicking the swap week button next to the week header.

This moves all games from week A to week B.

This is useful if you want to make sure teams have Byes in specific weeks, for instance. Simply generate your schedule and then swap weeks into the order that accomplishes this.

Note: this just moves games directly by x number of weeks. All other variables remain with the games. This can be problematic if you have irregular time slots from week to week. You'll likely want to click retry allocating games after making this change.

Calendar View

In PRO, we also have a calendar view available that allows drag and drop.

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