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Swap two teams' schedules
Swap two teams' schedules

Switch out a team on the schedule

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You can easily swap two teams' schedules or change a team on the schedule.

This is useful, for instance, when you need to

  • give a specific bye week to a specific team, or

  • need to have two teams playing each other on a specific day.

By swapping two teams' entire schedules, you can achieve these things without throwing the rest of the schedule into disarray. (You might want to re-run the allocation afterwards or at least click check constraints to make sure you didn't create any constraint violations in the process.)

Before and After

Here, we show how to swap Bayern Urchin and Bermuda Barracuda on the schedule.

You can do the same thing with a team that is not currently part of the event.



The two teams have switched places on the schedule. See below for how we did this.

Step-by-Step: how to swap two teams' schedules

  • go to REGISTRATIONS for your event


  • click the menu > modify registration on one of the teams

  • on the resulting popup, select the team you want to take this team's place on the schedule and hit OK

When swapping two teams that are already on the schedule, the registration info will remain with each team.

Swapping with a new team

If you swap a team with a new team that isn't part of the event yet, that new team will take over the registration info from the original team.

If the original team's registration happened through our system, you may not want to attach the original registration details to the new team.

In order to avoid that, you will first need to create a situation where both teams are part of the event by first adding the new team into the event; then make the swap.

If it's an existing team, you'll want to go through the team dashboard (team icon in the left navigation bar > find the team > go into team detail page > add to event). If you're setting up a new team, you can simply use the add a team form at the bottom of the schedule's REGISTRATIONS page.

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