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If you are using the PRO (or Tournament) Scheduler, you'll see a CALENDAR link in your navigation bar:

The calendar is a very versatile and powerful tool, once you learn how to use it.

Basic Controls

First off, notice the buttons along the top and bottom:

The top left lets you navigate between dates. 

The top right lets you filter games and switch between different views. 

  • The 2 days view is particularly useful for 2-day tournaments – it lets you see your entire event on one screen (as in the screenshot).

  • For leagues, you'll also typically see a season view that shows you the whole season at once, which is more or less useful depending on how long your season is...

The buttons at the bottom let you 

  • hover over them to see what they do

  • settings: control the granularity of drag and drop (by default you can only move games in 30min increments – click the first button (settings/gears icon) to change this to a finer grid),

  • settings: fade out already scored games (you can click on any game to edit/record a score)

  • settings: mute conflict alerts (popups in case of constraint violations after changing a game)

  • settings: pause the hover highlights

  • highlight specific divisions

  • highlight specific teams

  • change the width of the calendar (e.g. increase the width if your schedule is too tight to read at normal width as in the example above)


Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop games on the calendar to reschedule them.

Hovering over a game will show you both teams' other games – this is to help you find an appropriate place to reschedule the game via drag and drop.

You'll see what the teams are at the bottom left:

  • the home team will be highlighted in orange

  • the away team will be highlighted in purple

  • all playoff games for the division will be highlighted in green


Click to Edit

You can also click on a game to bring up the Edit Game dialog, which lets you change the teams and any other match details, as well as delete the game.


Experimental Feature

Master Schedule

We've introduced an experimental feature that lets you see all of your organization's games on the same calendar – this can be very useful to make sure you're not double-booking a venue. To access this, you simply add ?master (including the question mark) to the end of the URL in your browser's address bar (and hit enter):

If you've tried this, please let us know what you think and if you have any thoughts on how to improve this feature – or any other feature for that matter.

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