Travel Constraint

Distance between venues

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Travel Constraints

In order to use travel constraints make sure to switch it on by flipping the travel constraint button to On.

Manage Travel Times

You can tell the scheduler how long it takes to travel between each pair of venues. Once you do, it will know not to schedule back-to-back games all the way across town.

The travel times matrix can be found on your venues page (accessible via the manage travel times button on the travel constraints panel – see screenshot above).

Simply enter the number of minutes it takes to travel from one venue to another into the matrix. You only have to enter numbers below the diagonal and it will enter that same number in the reverse direction above the diagonal. If your travel times are faster in one direction than the other (e.g. due to traffic conditions or because one way is more direct) you can uncheck the checkbox at the top right labeled same travel times in both directions and it will turn off the mirroring and let you enter different numbers.


Travel is designated FROM the venue on the LEFT TO the venue at the TOP

Max travel time between games

Additionally, you can add a max travel time between games, if you want to limit how far teams are made to travel between two games. E.g. if they have a game from 1-2pm and another game from 3-4pm you may still not want them to travel to a venue that's 20 minutes away. In this case, you could enter a max travel time between games of 10 minutes or even 0 if you don't want them to have to transfer venues at all.

Max daily travel time

Similarly, you can add a max daily travel time. This is good if teams have 3 or 4 games in a day, and they may need to switch venues to make that happen, but you only want them to have to switch venues once – simply set the travel time to something that allows for a one-way trip from venue A to B.

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