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How to assign teams to certain home fields / venues

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Home Fields / Venues

You can assign teams to specific home venues via the Manage Venues dialog (on the Schedule Maker).

screenshot showing the location of the manage venues button

On the Manage Venues dialog, simply click the home icon next to the venue and select the team from the dropdown. Click the check mark to save.

If a team has home venues assigned, all its home games will be scheduled at those venues.

Exclusive home venue

Exclusive home venue means no other teams but the assigned home teams can have home games here. If it's not checked, teams without home venues may be scheduled here.

Multiple Teams Sharing A Fields

This also works with multiple teams sharing a field and manages the schedule so they alternate (more or less) who plays at the shared home field. Depending on how much wiggle room there is in your schedule (in terms of field availability) this can make it significantly more difficult to allocate your games, however. You might need to regenerate and/or re-run the allocation a few times and possibly apply some manual tweaks.

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