Importing Games
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Navigate to the import page

Click the import games button on your schedule maker (PRO only):

import games button

This will take you to this import page:

preview of the import page

Download the template

At the top of the import page, you can download our CSV import template or export your current schedule as a starting point.

Prepare your data

While filling in your data, make sure you don't introduce any typos and to follow the formatting in the template (dates and times in particular). Copy/paste is your friend! If a team name does not match exactly, the system will not recognize it. But don't worry, the system will point out any errors and let you fix them.

Upload your file

Once you're finished, upload your file via the import page. You will see a summary of how many games have been imported, modified or skipped (because they were unchanged) and if there are any errors for you to address.

Create Items?

Some import errors, such as a venue or team not being found, may be fixable by simply creating those items in the system. You will see these errors in yellow with a note to check the create items checkbox and re-upload your file. If that is the case, you will see the checkbox just above the upload & import button. Take care to inspect all the items being created and look out for any that are just typos or alternate spellings for you to fix in your CSV.

Using your schedule as a template?

If you use your schedule export as a template, you may want to erase games before importing. Only games that have the same date, time, venue, teams and week will be updated with any changes in referees, scores or friendly status – if any of those fields do not match, a new game will be created.

E.g. if you changed the time or date for a game in your CSV, this will create a new game during the import. If you didn't erase games first, you would now still have the original game plus the new game at the new time.

Google Sheets

You can also open our import template directly in Google Sheets (this will create a copy in your own Google account). To download the Google Sheet as a CSV, click File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv)

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