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Getting Started with LITE
Getting Started with LITE

How to create your first schedule, change dates, venues, times, team names, and publish

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Video Tutorial

If this is your first time here, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch our tutorial video – it should give you a good idea of how to generate your first schedule:

Step 1 - Initial Setup

initial setup screens
  • Enter your number of teams and how many games each team should play (in total) over the course of how many weeks (not counting off-weeks).

    Example 1 – Holiday Week:
    If you have 10 weeks in your season from June through August and you want to skip the week of the 4th of July, thus making your season 11 calendar weeks long, enter this as 10 weeks, then use the Dates button on the next screen and shift the week of July 4th down.
    More on holiday / off-weeks here.

    Example 2 – Bye Weeks:
    Say you have 9 teams. Each team should play only once each week with 1 team getting a bye. Enter this as 9 teams with 8 games in 9 weeks.
    - If you have 7 teams in that same scenario, enter 7 teams with 6 games in 7 weeks.
    - If you want all teams to play each other twice, multiply by 2, i.e. 9 teams, 16 games in 18 weeks; 7 teams, 12 games in 14 weeks.
    More on odd numbers of teams here.

Step 2 - Edit Your Schedule

Work your way through the buttons on the right:

edit schedule buttons on schedule maker LITE
  • Enable Scheduling
    Use this button in order to add dates, times and venues to your games.

  • Settings (with scheduling disabled)
    Use this button to change the number of games and rounds/weeks; or to change the name of your schedule (and organization) that's shown at the top. You can also set the sport, which will change which default standings are selected for your schedule.

    screenshot showing the Edit Settings modal (LITE with scheduling disabled)

  • Teams:
    Use this button to change the names of your teams and to add or remove teams.

  • Rounds:
    Use this button to switch the heading of each round to read either Week X or Round X.

  • Add A Game:
    Add any additional games by hand.

  • Schedule Checker:
    See how many times each team plays against each other, how many times each team plays at each time and at each venue. 

  • Copy Season:
    Use this button to duplicate your season. See this article for more info.

  • PRO Features:
    See what other features are available if you upgrade to PRO. This button just opens a dialog with a list of features. To upgrade to PRO, click the Upgrade button at the bottom of that dialog. You can try all PRO features without a credit card. A subscription is only required once you're ready to publish your schedule.

LITE with Scheduling Enabled

Once you've enabled scheduling, you'll see a slightly different set of buttons there:

edit schedule buttons in LITE with scheduling enabled
  • Settings (with scheduling enabled)
    This button is still here, but it now also lets you change your game duration. This is set to 60 mins by default. Make sure to adjust as needed.
    Tip: To keep things easier when entering time slots, include changeover time between games at the same field.

    You can also disable scheduling again (remove dates, times, venues from your games) under Settings.

    showing the disable scheduling button under settings

  • Venues:
    Enter your venues/fields/courts/tables/boards (location of the game). We don't currently have sub-venues, so each field is a separate venue, even if they're at the same location.

  • Time Slots:
    Initially, all your games will be on Monday at 7pm at Field 1. Time Slots are how you tell the scheduler when your games take place and at which venues, e.g. Friday from 6-10pm at Field 1 and 2.

    Your time slots can span multiple games (and even days and venues). It will automatically fit as many games as it can based on your game duration (see Settings).

    Note: If your times vary each week, you'll want to look at PRO. LITE only lets you enter times for all weeks. In PRO, you can select to which weeks a time slot applies.

  • Dates:
    Shift week 1 to change when your season starts (see here if you need to shift by a lot).
    Shift weeks in the middle to create off-weeks, e.g. for holidays.
    This also where you change the headings between Round X or Week X after enabling scheduling.

  • Teams:
    Use this button to change the names of your teams and to add or remove teams.

  • Referees:
    Enter the names of your referees/umpires/officials. After a page-refresh, you'll be able to assign them to games (look for the whistle on each game after you've entered at least one referee).

    screen capture showing how to assign a referee

  • Regenerate
    Erases your current games and generates new ones based on your current settings.

Making Manual Changes

Give your schedule the final touch by making manual adjustments (click to read article on that).

Step 3 - Share your schedule

  • Click PUBLISH SCHEDULE at the bottom right in order to make your schedule visible to others at the Public Schedule link.

  • LITE is free for up to 25 teams (with ads), you may pay to remove the ads – you'll see the option when you publish.

  • Click the SHARE button at the top to see your options for getting your schedule in front of people. 

  • Also see this article on SHARING YOUR SCHEDULE

Step 4 - Scores & Standings

Once your schedule is published, you can enter scores on either the schedule maker or the public schedule page. Look for the ENTER SCORES button on the bottom right.

Head to the PUBLIC SCHEDULE page to see your standings – and to change your standings configuration.

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