How to print your schedule (or save to PDF)

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Recommended: Share your schedule online

The main idea behind LeagueLobster is to create an online schedule that can be easily shared with your teams and that lets you keep track of scores and standings.

Our website it optimized to work on mobile as well as desktop.

Therefore, we recommend sharing your schedule online.

How to print your schedule

Find the print button at the top of your schedule:

You'll be presented with a few options:

  • with standings

  • without standings

  • with paper standings (a simple tally table to track wins)

  • adjust the font size

Click print at the bottom of the dialog to open your browser's print preview.

Note: you'll most likely need to publish your schedule first. (Only simple schedules – those without dates and venues, i.e. without scheduling enabled – can be printed without publishing.)

You can also use the division, team, and venue filters at the top of the schedule before printing.

Save to PDF

In order to save your schedule to PDF, simply follow the steps to print and select Save as PDF in your browser's print dialog (e.g. in Chrome: change the Destination).

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