Time Slot Balancer

How to use the time slot balancer to even out time slots between teams

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Time Slot Balancer

The PRO version has a time slot balancer. The algorithm makes an effort to distribute times / venues / days evenly across teams (it's not a hard constraint however, so if you need it to be 100% even, you might need to apply some manual tweaks).

If you're in LITE – upgrade your schedule to PRO by clicking the PRO features button:

Once in PRO, find the Allocation Options panel on the right and click to open it:

Set the slider to the right-most position, if you're happy to wait a bit. With larger schedules, this can take significantly longer, so you may want to start with a lower setting.

The checkboxes below the slider allow you to control which dimensions you'd like to balance. Perhaps you don't care so much about the venues being balanced as long as the times are, for instance, in which case turning off the venues checkbox would make the process easier and faster.

Once you've made your selection, click the RETRY ALLOCATING GAMES button a little further down the page in order to re-run the allocation (assignment of games to time slots):

Once that's finished, you can take a look at the schedule checker to see how it did:

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