This video shows how to create your first league schedule from start to finish.

Quick Overview

  • Enter your number of teams and how many games each team should play (in total) over the course of how many weeks (not counting off-weeks).
    E.g. if you have 10 weeks in your season from June through August and you want to skip the week of the 4th of July, thus making your season 11 calendar weeks long, enter this as 10 weeks.
  • Work your way through the buttons on the right:
  • League Name:
    Here's where you change the title that will show up at the top of your schedule and in the URL
    Upload a logo and choose an accent color for your public schedule page.
  • Sport:
    This is mainly to determine your standings type. 
  • Venues:
    Enter your fields/courts/tables/whatever you call it in your sport.
  • Game Duration:
    How long are your games?
  • Dates:
    Shift week 1 to change when your season starts.
    Shift weeks in the middle to create off-weeks, e.g. for holidays.
  • Time Slots:
    When do your games take place? e.g. Monday from 6-10pm at Grand Street
    If your times vary each week, check out PRO. LITE only lets you enter times for all weeks. In PRO, you can select to which weeks a time slot applies.
  • Teams:
    Enter your team names.
  • Referees:
    Enter the names of your referees/umpires/officials. After a page-refresh, you'll be able to assign them to games (look for the whistle on each game after you've entered at least one referee).
  • Add A Game:
    Add any additional games by hand.
  • Schedule Checker:
    See how many times each team plays against each other, how many times each team plays at each time and at each venue. 


Making Manual Changes

Give your schedule the final touch by making manual adjustments (click to read article on that).

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