Note: you don't have to manually set the time and venue on each game – you can do that in bulk by entering your time slots. Please see the Getting Started Guide (LITE) or Getting Started (PRO/Tournaments).

However, if you need to fine tune your schedule, it is easy to make manual tweaks.

In this article:

Drag and Drop Games

  • grab a game by the V in the middle and drop it onto another game to swap their time, venue and referees (if any are assigned)

Note that you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or your mouse wheel to scroll while dragging a game.

Drag and Drop Teams

  • drag a team onto another to swap them



Edit Game Details / Delete Game

  • Change teams, date, time, venue, week, assign assistant referees / umpires / officials, or designate a game as a friendly (aka scrimmage – won't be counted for standings), or add a comment.


Quick Venue Change


 Quick Time (and/or date) Change


Quick Referee Assignment

Editing Dates / Changing Season Start Date

You can also click on a date to shift all the games on that day to another date - and another week if necessary.

If you change a date in Week 1, you'll be asked if you want to move the entire season by the same interval. E.g. if you changed November 1 to November 21 under Week 1 and confirmed YES, all games will be moved 20 days into the future.

Swapping 2 Weeks

You can use the aforementioned edit date dialog to swap 2 weeks – but be careful not to get yourself in a pickle.

Note, if you have multiple days in a week, you'll need to repeat this for each day.

Say you have 2 weeks you want to swap:

Week 4 @ 4/11

Week 10 @ 5/23

You will need to do this in 3 steps to avoid making games indistinguishable by putting them on the same date and week number.

If you click on Week 10 and change both the date and the week number at the same time, you'll end up with everything under Week 4 @ 4/11. Then you can't tell the games apart anymore.

Instead you want to change only the date on week 10 so that

Week 4 @ 4/11

Week 10 @ 5/23 >>> Week 10 @ 4/11

Then edit week 4 (both week number and date)

Week 4 @ 4/11 >>> Week 10 @ 5/23

Week 10 @ 4/11

Then change the week number on the Week 10 = 4/11

Week 10 @ 5/23

Week 10 @ 4/11 >>> Week 4 @ 4/11

Then you're done and the 2 weeks are swapped.

Calendar View

In PRO, we also have a calendar view available that allows drag and drop.

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