Odd Number of Teams

If you have an odd number of teams and you want to give no more than one game per week, you can give bye weeks by reducing the number of games.

Example 1:
7 teams playing 6 games in 7 weeks
––> this will give each team one Bye over the course of the season.

Example 2:
5 teams playing 8 games in 10 weeks
––> 2 byes per team

Example 3:
11 teams playing 10 games in 11 weeks
––> 1 bye per team

Alternative: even out odd divisions with a dummy team

If you need a different number of weeks, you can also add a team to get to an even number of teams (name it BYE or something like that) and simply set the number of games = number of weeks (i.e. giving each team 1 game per week).

In PRO, you can create a team constraint that blocks everything, so that byes remain unscheduled and don't take up any time slots. Click 'Add Team Constraint', select the BYE team and 0:01 am in the from field, click 'save'. This will effectively block everything and leave those games unscheduled.


Even Number of Teams

If you have an even number of teams but – for whatever reason – you can't have all of them play each week, you'll need to increase your number of weeks or decrease your number of games accordingly. 

Example 4:
8 teams playing 6 games in 8 weeks
––> this will make 3 games each week, i.e. two teams will have a bye each week

Manually Adding Byes

You can add bye "games" manually onto the schedule via the add a game button (towards the bottom of the controls on the schedule maker). Simply select the team with the bye as the home team and leave the away team blank. Optionally set the start to 23:59 on the date where you want the game to appear, which applies the bye style you see for system-generated byes.

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