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What is PRO and is there a trial? How to upgrade?

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Free Trial

You can try out almost all PRO features for free – payment is only due once you publish your schedule. See Pricing.


How to access the PRO version

  • On the Schedule Maker LITE page, click PRO Features and then Try It Free;

  • OR set up a league schedule directly in PRO by going to your Dashboard and clicking New Schedule > League (PRO)

  • OR click here to set up a new PRO league schedule

  • Tournaments include all PRO features (click here to set one up)

In any case, you're only asked for payment when you're ready to publish and share your schedule, so you can try everything out first.

PRO Features

Tournaments have all of these features (except custom domains).

Custom Domains

Connect your .com or other domain to your club page. All your links (schedules, registration, team pages) will be under your domain instead of Read more.

Website Builder

Leverage the full power of LeagueLobster by building your website on our system – no need for a separate WIX or Wordpress site. Our page builder is flexible and easy to use and your site will be fully integrated with our registration system, scheduler, and team management functionality. It's everything you need to run a successful league and/or tournament organization! Read more.

Playoff Brackets

Add one or multiple playoff brackets. Single or double elimination. With or without consolation games or third place game. Read more.

More Teams and Games

The LITE version is capped at 50 teams and 50 games (per team) per schedule. If you'd like to set up events with more teams, you'll need to use PRO!

Multiple Divisions

Show multiple divisions (e.g. age groups or different skill levels) on the same schedule. Share times and venues between divisions, but keep teams separate.
No cross-division play at the moment – our divisions are more like different skill levels or age groups. Read more.

Custom Standings

Fully customize your standings table to reflect your rules. Read more.

Scheduling Constraints

  • Enter coach constraints to prevent certain teams from playing at the same time, add team requests (e.g. don't schedule Team 1 on Thursdays after 7pm on Field 2 or block specific dates), schedule a division only on certain days, times, or venues. Our scheduler does the hard work for you.

    Min / max time between games / max games per day
    Playing multiple games in a day or week? Want to avoid doubleheaders or excessive wait times? This lets you set those parameters.

    Read more about constraints.

Import Games

The PRO version has an import feature that lets you upload games from a CSV. Read more here.

Vary game times by week

Does your field availability change over the course of the season? No problem. With PRO you can enter time slots for specific weeks.

Calendar View

Visualize and adjust your schedule via drag and drop on our calendar. Read more.

Home Venues

Assign teams to home venues. Read more.

Time Slot Balancer

The algorithm makes an effort to distribute times / venues / days evenly across teams (it's not a hard constraint however, so if you need it to be 100% even, you might need to apply some manual tweaks). Read more.

Division Presets

Quickly and easily set up all your divisions using our provided presets or create your own. Cut out the repetitive work of setting up each division from scratch.

Higher e-mail quota

A PRO subscription increases your daily e-mail sending quota. Without a PRO subscription, you are currently limited to 0 emails per day (thanks spammers!)

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