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Customize Your Club Page (free)
Customize Your Club Page (free)

Upload your logo and choose a color scheme and cover photo

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If you have a PRO subscription, be sure to check out this article on how to use our page editor to customize your page more flexibly.

If you do not have a PRO subscription, this article right here will show you what you can customize under our free plan.

Go to Edit Organization

All the customization we'll go over here are done via the 'edit organization' page, which is always just a click away at the bottom left.

All the customizations that will affect your club page are going to be on the left side of the edit organization page.

What you can customize

  • Change the name of your organization

  • Upload a logo

    • your logo will show at the top of all your public pages

    • if you don't upload a logo, your organization name will be displayed there instead

  • Upload a cover image

    • this is the photo shown as the background at the top of your club page (the soccer players in the screenshot above – or the softball kids by default)

    • Note: if you've edited your page via the page editor, you will need to update your cover images via the page editor, not via the edit organization page.

  • Upload a separate cover image for mobile devices

    • in case your standard cover image doesn't look so great on mobile, you can upload a separate one for mobile devices (defaults to using your main cover image otherwise)

  • Primary Color and Secondary Color

    • these are used across all your public facing pages (incl. your schedules and registration pages)

  • About

    • this is the About Us section on your club page. Without a PRO subscription, this is the only place you can change the text on your club page.

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