In order to publish your schedule, go to your SCHEDULE MAKER or PUBLIC SCHEDULE tab and click the PUBLISH SCHEDULE button at the bottom of your screen.

Pick your subscription plan (see pricing – there is a free tier) and enter your payment info. Your schedules will be published once your payment has been processed.

Click the SHARE button at the top to see how to get your schedule in front of your players:

In most cases, you'll just want to share the link at the top via email or social media:

Embed or Export

The same dialog has instructions on how to embed the schedule on your website (including WordPress) or export to Excel / CSV / SportsPress / etc.

You can still edit your schedule after publishing. You do not lose any functionality.

Event Landing Page

Unless you're on the free plan, you'll also see a link to your event landing page in the SHARE dialog – it's also accessible via the Event Info link on the Public Schedule page.
The landing page view gives you a place to post information about your event, display a map of your locations, and allow your participants to click through to their division schedule for a faster, less cluttered view.


Organization Page

We've set up a sort of mini-homepage for you to post some info about your organization and display an automatically generated list of all your schedules. Click the SHARE button on any of your schedules to find your link

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