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Organization Settings
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You'll find organization settings at the bottom left of your screen:

Change the Name of Your Organization

By default, the name of your organization will be displayed as "My Organization". However, you can easily change this to reflect your team's name, school name, or any other name that best represents your group. This name will be shown at the top of your schedule and all your public pages, so choose a name that is recognizable and easy for your members and fans to remember.

Upload a Logo

In addition to changing your organization's name, you also have the option to upload a logo. This logo will be displayed instead of your organization's name on all of your public pages. Make sure to choose a clear and high-quality image that accurately represents your team or group.

Cover Image

If you are using the default club page, you have the option to set a cover image. This image will be used as the header image on your club page. Additionally, you can also upload a mobile version of your cover image, which will be used on small screens. This is a great way to personalize your club page and make it visually appealing to your followers.

Primary/Secondary Color

As part of the customization options for your organization, you can also select primary and secondary colors. These colors will be used as the color scheme on all of your public pages. Choose colors that align with your team or group's brand and represent your organization's personality and style.


The "About" section is where you can add some information about your organization. This can include your team's history, achievements, goals, and any other relevant details. This information will be displayed on your default club page and may also appear on our search page. Use this as an opportunity to tell others what makes your organization unique and special.

First Day of the Week

By default, our platform sets Monday as the first day of the week. However, we understand that some organizations may have different preferences. You can customize the first day of the week to align with your team's schedule. For example, if you your match day extends through the weekend to include Mondays, you can achieve this by setting Tuesday as the week start. You can also override this for each of your schedules (if using PRO).

Default Language

Our platform offers the option to view pages in different languages. However, as an organization, you have the ability to set a default language that will be used on all of your public pages. This ensures that visitors can view your pages in their preferred language, but also maintains consistency for your team's branding.

Time Format Preference

You can also specify your time format preference as either 12 or 24 hours (military time). This preference will be used on your schedules, making it easier for your team members and fans to understand game times and practice schedules.

Captain/Coach Scorekeeping

Finally, you have the option to give your team captains and coaches the ability to enter scores for their own games. This is to make the process more efficient and streamlined, allowing captains and coaches to confirm game results within 72 hours of the game. After 72 hours, only admins will be able to change the scores.

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