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Adding Sub-pages
Adding Sub-pages

Manage your web pages

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At the bottom of your club page, you'll see a manage pages button in the floating toolbar:

Basic controls

Create a page with the + New Page button. You'll be prompted to enter a name.

You can rename a page later by clicking the pencil next to it.

By checking or unchecking the include in menu box you can decide if the page should be shown in the top navigation menu on your club's pages.

Click the second edit icon to enter the page editor.

The glasses take you to the preview (latest draft).

The eye takes you to the public version.

Nested pages and page order

You can create a nested page either by clicking the + on the desired parent page, or by changing the parent for an existing page (fork icon – the one after the +).

Nested pages will show in a dropdown in the navigation menu.

You can change the order of your pages (the order in which they show in the menu if included in menu is checked) by clicking the up and down arrows next to each page.

Where does the navigation menu show?

The navigation menu with your pages will show at the top of all of your pages like so:

On mobile, it'll collapse into a hamburger (dropdown) menu like so:

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