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Take online registrations and accept credit card payments

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Registration is now supported in 47 countries with local currencies! See which

Congratulations! You're just a few minutes away from taking online registrations and giving your customers an easy way to pay you via credit card or Apple Pay and Google Pay!

We offer team registration as well as free agent / player registration.

This will only take a few minutes to set up. Here's the process in short:

  1. Set up a merchant account with Stripe

  2. On your dashboard, click + New Registration

  3. Select an existing event or create a new one

  4. Enable team or free agent registration

  5. Send your customers the sign-up link

  6. Receive email notifications for any payments and see them on your dashboard


If you've already got a merchant account set up, you may skip to step 2.

A Stripe account is required in order to use the registration system.

Register with Stripe (only the first time)

Go to your account settings and click Create Stripe Account:

Select your country and click Connect with Stripe:

That'll take you to Stripe's signup flow. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to create your account – it'll only take a few minutes.

You can click Return to LeagueLobster anytime during the process and pick it back up later by clicking the resume setup link (see next screenshot).

Once you're done (or if you click Return to LeagueLobster before that), you'll be taken to your account settings page, where you'll see your brand new Stripe account listed. If you don't finish your Stripe setup in one session, this is also where you'll find the link to resume setup:

You'll receive a confirmation email from Stripe to verify your email address.

Once your account is ready to accept payments you'll see it on your account settings like so:

If you think the status is out of sync, click the refresh button to re-sync with Stripe.

If it's still not showing 'ready' please check your Stripe dashboard for any additional information you may need to submit to activate your account (clicking the account name on the panel depicted above takes you to your dashboard).

Clicking the edit button (pencil) next to the account name will take you to the Stripe page that lets you edit the account name.

Set up your Event for Online Registration

On your dashboard, click New Registration:

Select an existing Event or create a new one:

Enable Team and/or Free Agent Registration

Click either Enable Team Registration to let teams register as a whole or Enable Free Agent Registration to allow players to sign up individually – you'll assign them to teams later via our drag-and-drop interface (see note at the bottom of this article).

Team Registration:

At a minimum, you'll need to enter a price per team then click Submit.

The other settings are optional (unless you have multiple merchant accounts, in which case you also need to specify which one to use under advanced settings)

Free Agent Registration:

All you need to enable free agent registration is a free agent pool. Simply enter

  • a name for the registration pool (only shown on the registration page if you have more than one),

  • the maximum number of players allowed to register for this pool and

  • a price per player, and

  • click the check mark next to the price field to submit

You can also set up teams for individual registration. See this article.

You'll see a Share button that will show a dialog with the relevant links to send to your customers.

Alternatively, you can just send them to our home page and have them type the name of your organization or event into the search box. 

You can also set up your club page to use your own domain, in which case all your links will start with that instead of

Watch your email for notifications

You will receive email notifications for any new registrations.

New registrations will also show up on your dashboard and directly in your event.

What Your Participants See

Club Page

You'll either want to share your club page or the direct link to your registration page with your customers. (Bonus – you can make your club page your website using your own custom domain).

Registration Forms are Customizable

You can add custom fields to the registration form by adding a custom form under registration settings. Click here for more on that.


They'll be taken to your branded Stripe checkout page (be sure to choose your color scheme and upload your logo on your Stripe Dashboard) where they can use a credit card or Apple Pay / Google Pay, depending on the device they're using.

Pay Offline

Your customers will also have the option to pay offline using the corresponding link during the checkout flow (before they get redirected to Stripe).

If they select that option, you will receive an email notification to let you know to arrange alternative payment.

Free Registration

You can also set a price of 0 to allow free registration without any payment.

You do need to set up a Stripe account in order to enable registration features. Stripe accounts are free to set up and maintain.

Pending Registrations

If you see pending registrations on your dashboard, that means the user has not submitted the registration yet. You can reach out to those users via email to see if they need any help.

Processing Fees for Registration

We charge just 1.74%  –  or a minimum of $1, but never more than $14.95
Our payment processor (Stripe) charges another 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (pretty standard for the industry).

If you charge $100 for a registration, fees total $4.99 – about 4.99%
If you charge $1000, that's $44.67 – or about 4.47% (since we cap our commission)

Stripe does not let us pass on those fees to your registrants, so you will receive the amount minus fees.  

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