Accepting registrations and credit card payments online is very simple. 

We offer team registration as well as free agent / player registration.

This will only take a few minutes to set up and should be mostly self-explanatory. This article is just to give you an overview of the process. Feel free to dive right in!

The Process In Short

  1. On your dashboard, click + New Registration
  2. Select an existing event or create a new one
  3. Register with WePay
  4. Enable team or free agent registration
  5. Send your customers the sign-up link
  6. Receive email notifications for any payments and see them on your dashboard


In More Detail

1. On your dashboard, click + New Registration:


2. Select an existing Event or create a new one:


3. Register with WePay (only the first time)

If you're doing this for the first time, you'll need to create a merchant account with our payment processor Wepay. Don't worry – it's a very simple process.

First, select your country (currently only US is enabled):

Click the Start Accepting Payments button at the bottom:

That'll open up our WePay's very simple signup form:

You'll receive a confirmation email from WePay with instructions to finalize your setup.

4. Enable Team and/or Free Agent Registration

Once you've set up your WePay account, you'll see buttons to Enable Team Registration and Enable Free Agent Registration.

Team Registration:

Free Agent Registration:

5. Send your customers the sign-up link:

You'll see a Share button with the relevant links

You can also just send them to our home page and have them type the name of your organization or event into the search box.

6. You will receive email notifications for any payments

You'll receive an email from (labeled as LeagueLobster via WePay) every time you receive a payment. 

New registrations will also show up on your dashboard and directly in your event, ready to be scheduled!
That's it to get started. Let us know if you have any questions we didn't cover here or if you have any other suggestions. 🤗


What Your Participants See

Registration page:

Registration Forms are Customizable

You can add custom fields to the registration form by adding a custom form under registration settings. Click here for more on that.

Checkout page:

Confirmation page:


Pricing / Fee Structure

We charge just 1.74%  –  or a minimum of $1, but never more than $14.95
Our processor (WePay) charges another 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

If you charge $100 for a registration, fees total $4.99 – about 4.99%
If you charge $1000, that's $44.67 – or about 4.47% (since we cap our commission)

We figure it's better to spread processing fees over many shoulders, so we transparently pass on those fees to your registrants (they'll see it displayed as service fees at checkout). 

You always receive the amount you enter as the price.

Assigning Free Agents to Teams

At the top of the free agents panel click the assign teams icon:

This will take you to our drag and drop team assigner.

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