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Assigning Free Agents to Teams
Assigning Free Agents to Teams
Updated over a week ago

Go to the registrations page for the event:

At the top of the free agents panel click the assign teams icon:

Or find the same button in the menu at the top of the Teams panel:

This will take you to our drag and drop team assigner:

The left side shows free agent pools and unassigned players still in them.

The right side shows the real teams that will appear on the schedule. In order to add teams to the right hand side, simply add them to the season, either via the add teams form on the season's registrations page (previous screenshot) or via the team's dashboard page.

To assign players to teams, simply drag and drop players from the registration pools on the left to the teams on the right.

To designate a player as the team captain, drag the captain's armband from the top right onto the player. To remove it again, drag and drop it from the player's card to the team name card above it.

You can also move players between teams on the right.

We do not currently send team assignment notifications. (Coming soon.)

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