What can't you do with LeagueLobster?

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Here's an (incomplete) list of things you cannot currently do with LeagueLobster. When in doubt, please ask us by clicking the blue chat button at the bottom right.

Mix partners

Our scheduler only deals at the team level. You cannot, for instance, create schedules with 2 players to a team where those partners change from game to game.

Cross-division play

While we do have divisions and pools – those are set up to play only amongst themselves (except for playoffs, where you can combine pools of the same division). Read more here.

We plan to add this functionality in the not-too-distant future.

Tri-meets / pods

Splitting teams into mini round-robins every week.

Example: You have 8 teams. Games are played on Tuesday and Wednesday. You want 4 teams to all play each other once on Tuesday (so each team gets 3 games) and the other 4 teams to all play each other once on Wednesday.

These groupings of teams are sometimes referred to as "pods", or, in the case where you make groupings of 3 teams, "tri-meets".

Unfortunately, our scheduler cannot currently handle this.

Games consisting of four (or anything other than 2) teams

Our system does not support setting up games with more than 2 teams.

Prevent certain teams from playing each other / avoid matchups

We do not currently have a constraint to prevent certain teams from playing each other.

You can only adjust pairings manually after games have been generated.

If you're using PRO and you have a number of other constraints to accommodate, you may want to

  1. generate games first (click that button instead of generate schedule),

  2. then adjust your pairings,

  3. then allocate games.

screenshot segment showing generate schedule, generate games, allocate games buttons

Set a minimum or exact number of games per day

Scenario: On any given day you want teams to play either exactly 2 games or no games at all. You don't want a team to come out to the venue for just 1 game.

Our schedule maker does not currently handle this. You can only set a maximum number of games per day, not a minimum number.

(You can have schedules where all teams play 2 games every week – if you only have one game day each week, this does result in everyone getting 2 games that day – just not where some teams have 2 games while others have none.)

One game on weekdays and one on weekends?

There isn't currently a way to configure the schedule so that teams get a certain number of games during the week and a certain number of games on weekends.

Different Game Duration by Division

Unfortunately, we do not currently support different game durations by division.

Different start / end date or number of weeks by division

The one scheduling variable you can vary by division at this time is the number of games. If you need a division to start later or end earlier than other divisions, you would need to move or delete games manually.

e.g. if you have one division with 10 teams and one with 11 teams and want to play a perfect round robin, you would need 9 games in 9 weeks and 10 games in 11 weeks, respectively. The simplest way to achieve this is to set the 10-team division to 11 games in 11 weeks and then delete the games for this division from the last two (or first two or first and last) weeks.

Discount Codes

We do not currently have the ability to set up discount codes for event registration. You can issue partial refunds after the fact. See this article.

Player Stats

We do not currently have a player stats feature (i.e. goal scorers, assists, etc.) on this platform. We are planning to add this soon.

None of my constraints are being applied

Are all your games showing as Monday 7pm? That means you haven't defined any time slots to tell the scheduler where and when to put games, so it's not actually running the allocation (of games to venue availabilities / time slots) where the constraints would be applied.

Define time slots and re-run the allocation.

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