Here's an (incomplete) list of things you cannot currently do with LeagueLobster. When in doubt, please ask us by clicking the blue chat button at the bottom right.

Mix partners

Our scheduler only deals at the team level. You cannot, for instance, create schedules with 2 players to a team where those partners change from game to game.

Cross-division play

While we do have divisions and pools – those are set up to play only amongst themselves (except for playoffs, where you can combine pools of the same division). Read more here.

Tri-meets / pods

Scenario: You have 8 teams. Games are played on Tuesday and Wednesday. You want 4 teams to all play each other once on Tuesday (so each team gets 3 games) and the other 4 teams to all play each other once on Wednesday.

These groupings of teams are sometimes referred to as "pods".

Unfortunately, our scheduler cannot currently handle this.

Give teams either 2 games or 0 games

Scenario: You have 9 teams. You want teams to play 2 games a week. But one team will get a bye, due to odd numbers.

Our schedule maker does not currently do this. It would give 2 teams 1 game and 7 teams 2 games.

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