Using the LITE version

In LITE, you cannot currently change the base parameters (teams, games, weeks) without starting over. (We are hoping to add this soon.)

You can change things manually (adding or removing games).

If you've already put in all your team names and time slots and starting over would waste a lot of time, let us know and we can tweak it for you.

Alternatively, you can switch to the PRO version (click PRO Features > Try It Free) to do it yourself (see below).

If you need to play with the numbers to figure out what works best, we recommend experimenting with the PRO trial until you have the correct numbers and then starting over in LITE with the correct numbers. (Or send us a message and we can switch your schedule back to LITE if you're not using any of the PRO features beyond changing parameters.)

Using the PRO version

Note: you will need to regenerate (on schedule maker, click erase games, then generate schedule) for any of these changes to take effect on the schedule.

Don't see Erase Games?

If your season has already started and you've entered scores for any games, the erase games button will not show. You will need to make adjustments manually or contact us to regenerate the remainder of your season. Note that regenerating the remainder of the season happens without regard for games already played so you will likely end up with repeat games (which you can either tolerate or try to fix manually). Therefore, if the number of games to be added or removed is manageable, we recommend making manual adjustments. Use the add a game button or see deleting a game.


Adding or removing weeks

Change the weeks number on the SCHEDULE MAKER tab under Settings. 

By reducing the number of weeks, you can cut off weeks from the end of an existing schedule. Nothing else will happen on its own. If you want to compress your schedule – i.e. maintain the same number of games, but fit them into fewer weeks – you will need to regenerate (erase games > generate schedule). Don't see erase games?

If adding weeks, you will need to regenerate as well.



Changing number of games

Change the games number on the SCHEDULE MAKER tab under Settings. 

You will need to regenerate (erase games > generate schedule) in order for this change to take effect.

change games / weeks


Adding or removing teams

  • Go to the REGISTRATIONS tab.

  • To remove a team, click the menu icon next to it and then Remove Team.

removing a team
  • To add a team, use the Add Team form at the bottom.

  • Or use the Bulk Team Entry button if you have a lot of teams to add.

adding a team


You will need to regenerate (erase games > generate schedule) in order to create games for new teams. Or add games manually using the add a game button on the schedule maker.

When removing a team, you can also manually delete games or otherwise swap teams in existing games. See manual changes.

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