Free Tier

Leagues up to 50 teams are FREE (with ads – using LITE, without PRO features).

Free Trial

You can try all scheduling features for free. 

Payment (if any) is only required to publish your schedule (to share or export). 

Click PUBLISH SCHEDULE on your schedule maker page to check your price and submit payment.



Leagues are subscription-based. 

You only need one subscription for all your schedules.

You can cancel any time – no minimum commitment.

To start your subscription, simply click PUBLISH SCHEDULE on your schedule maker page and select the plan you'd like.

FREE – with ads on your public schedule – max 50 teams

LITE – no ads – $9.95/month – incl. 50 teams – extra teams $0.19

PRO BASIC – no ads –$9.95/month – incl. 25 teams + PRO features – extra teams $0.19

PRO – no ads – $19.95/month – incl. 100 teams + PRO features – extra teams $0.19

What are teams included?
Each subscription plan includes a certain number of teams. We count your teams across all your current schedules (excluding finished/past schedules) every month at the time of billing. If you have more teams in your current, published schedules at the time of billing than are included in your subscription, those extra teams are charged at $0.19 each.

E.g. you have a LITE subscription and you have a total of 60 teams in your current schedules: your renewal cost will be $9.95 + 10x$0.19 = $11.85

Full Service
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For tournaments, you can choose either the ad-supported option for $1.59/team or the ad-free option for $3/team.


Is my event a League or a Tournament?

We consider tournaments any events that take only a few days (e.g. a weekend) where teams usually play multiple games a day.

If your event takes place over the course of several weeks/months, you should most likely be using the league scheduler.

The tournament scheduler uses a different algorithm to allocate games. 

If you're having a hard time with your schedule, please reach out via chat and we'll help you figure out what the issue is – in some cases using the tournament algorithm works better even for longer running leagues.

Full Service
Want to save even more time? Let us do all the work. Read more


All prices in USD.

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