Schedule Checker
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Where to find the schedule checker

The schedule checker can be found on your schedule maker page (both LITE and PRO).

What the schedule checker shows

The schedule checker shows you a few different tables that summarize your schedule along certain dimensions:

  • Opponents: how many games against each opponent

  • Venues: how many games at each venue

  • Times: how many games at each start time

  • Week: how many games in each week

The opponents view additionally has the option to break out home and away games or to simply show totals of how often teams play each other (this is the default).

The grey boxes on the diagonal shows the total number of games for each team, letting you quickly confirm that every team has the correct number of games.

In the Home/Away view, you'll see something like 3/4 indicating 3 home and 4 away games.

Schedule checker updates in real-time

You can keep the schedule checker open and make manual changes (drag and drop etc) to your schedule (in the same browser tab) and the numbers on the schedule checker will update in real-time to reflect your changes.

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