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Customizing the Registration Form
Customizing the Registration Form

How to add fields to your registration form

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The following standard fields are always included. You do not need to add these: 

  • for player registration: team/pool, first, last name, email, special request

  • for team registration: team name, first, last name, email


If you need more info from your registrants, follow the steps below:

  • To add custom fields to the registration form, head over to your Registration Settings and click on the registration type (team or free agent) you'd like to add fields to:

  • open the advanced settings

  • click Add Custom Form

  • Click Create New Form

  • or select an existing form from the dropdown and click Edit Selected Form

  • Enter a Name for your form (for your reference, so you can distinguish your custom forms if you have more than one)

  • Click Add another Field

  • Click EDIT on that field

  • Enter a name for the field

  • Select the type of field (see below for available types)

  • Choose whether or not the field is required (or can be left blank)

  • Add a default value if appropriate (optional)

  • Enter a description (optional help text to clarify what should be entered)

  • Add Choices / allowed file types (for fields involving choices or file upload)

  • Check Delete to remove a field (in the creation stage you can also use the x at the top of the field to remove it before saving the form)

  • Repeat to add as many fields as you like. Then click save.

Hint: you can drag and drop fields on this screen to reorder them.


Available Field Types

  • Text

  • Dropdown

  • Textarea (for long text)

  • Email

  • Number

  • Phone

  • URL

  • Checkbox

  • Multi Checkbox

  • Radio Select

  • File Upload (max 5MB)

  • Date

  • Time

  • Hidden (not shown to the user on the registration form; can be used to insert notes for yourself into the confirmation email – make sure to un-check the 'required' box or it will block the registration form from being submitted)


  • Once you've saved the form, close that browser tab and complete the form on the registrations page:

  • You'll see your form under Custom Registration Forms:

  • To edit a form, simply click the edit button here and then 'edit selected'.
    Note: editing a form will change it everywhere it is used. If you only want to change a form for one of your registrations, set up a separate form.

  • To remove a form from a registration screen (the form is not deleted, so you can still use it for other registrations), click the x here.

  •  Click the Registration Page button to preview your registration form and make sure everything looks okay

sample registration screen

Sample Registration Screen

As always, don't hesitate to chat us with any questions. ✌️

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