Standings are displayed on the Public Schedule page and will update as you enter scores.

Note: If your standings don't update when you enter scores, try refreshing the page.


Standings Types

How your standings are calculated is determined by the sport you choose for you league/tournament series

We are planning to introduce more flexible and customizable standings in the future.

Right now, we have 3 distinct standings types:

  • soccer: 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie
    tie breakers: goal difference, goals scored
  • hockey: 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie
    tie breakers: goal difference, goals allowed
  • everything else: ranked on win/loss percentage, with ties counted as 0.5
    tie breakers: head-to-head*, point difference
    * if multiple teams are tied, any wins within the group of tied teams counts; if there are multiple games between relevant teams, head-to-head point difference is considered before overall point difference

Custom Points / OT loss

For soccer and hockey, you can manually override the points for each match: once a score is recorded, click the edit game icon for that game and edit the home points and away points fields.

Hide Standings
In PRO, you can hide standings for each division/pool/entire league by setting the number of games for each division to 0 on the Schedule Maker under Divisions or removing your divisions from the season by taking the checkmark off under Manage Divisions.

In LITE, we can do it for you – just drop us a line via the chat on the bottom right. 


Changing Your Sport

LITE – click the Sport button on the Schedule Maker page.
PRO – go to the Settings page of your schedule. Click Edit Selected, a popup will open with a dropdown for Sport.


We have our ear to the ground

Please let us know if the standings types available right now are not working for you. This will help us prioritize this higher.

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