If you've seeded your playoff brackets with placeholders (1st of Pool A etc.) you'll need to fill in the actual teams from the standings after your pool/group stage is finished.

You have 2 options of doing so – both located on the SCHEDULE MAKER tab:

  • Click Update All Brackets
    – if all your pools finish before the playoffs, this is your easiest option.
  • Click Fill In Teams for each bracket individually
    – use this if your playoffs start before all pools are finished


Overriding Standings

If our standings do not reflect your rules 100%, you'll want to change the seeds using the dropdowns to select the actual teams for each seed instead of using the auto-fill buttons shown above. 

You'll only need to do this for the divisions for which you want to override the standings; then you can simply use the buttons (either option above) for the other divisions.

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