Divisions are a PRO feature

Divisions are treated like separate leagues – there is no cross-division play.

We don't currently have the concept of conferences and divisions as it exists in American leagues like the NFL or NHL etc.

How to add/remove divisions

To add divisions, click Manage Divisions on the REGISTRATIONS tab, enter a the name of the new division and hit save

The checkbox on the right lets you include divisions you've created in other seasons.
Caution: Renaming a division will change its name everywhere it is used.

To re-order your divisions, click the up and down arrows on the left.

To delete a division, in the Manage Divisions dialog, erase its name and submit.
Note: if the division is used in another season, it will not be deleted (so you can safely try to delete any divisions you think you don't need).

How to put teams into divisions

Now, as you add new teams, you can select the division from the dropdown.

To change an existing team's division, click on its division in the list of teams and select the new division from the dropdown.

You can also drag and drop teams between divisions on the Schedule Maker tab under Divisions.

How to make pools (groups)

You can split divisions into pools (groups) and play round robin games within each pool, then combine the pools of a division into one playoff bracket and seed it with e.g. 1st of Pool A, 1st of Pool B, 2nd of Pool A, 2nd of Pool B, and so on.

To create pools, click the Create Pools button on the Schedule Maker. 

You'll see the pools under Divisions. 

You can drag and drop teams between pools to change the assignment.

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