You generally want to simply enter the total number of games per team and the number of game weeks (not counting off-weeks where no games will be scheduled – e.g. holidays) and the scheduler will do the rest.

Odd Number of Teams

If you have an odd number of teams and you want to give no more than one game per week, you can give bye weeks by reducing the number of games.

Example 1:
7 teams playing 6 games in 7 weeks –– this will give each team one Bye over the course of the season.

Example 2:
5 teams playing 8 games in 10 weeks –– 2 byes per team

Example 3:
11 teams playing 10 games in 11 weeks –– 1 bye per team 

Even Number of Teams

If you have an even number of teams but – for whatever reason – you can't have all of them play each week, you'll need to increase your number of weeks or decrease your number of games accordingly. 

Example 4:
8 teams playing 6 games in 8 weeks –– this will make 3 games each week, i.e. two teams will have a bye each week

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