You can try out all PRO features for free – payment is only due once you publish your schedule.

Note: the Tournament Scheduler includes all PRO features.

Upgrade your league schedule to PRO to use these advanced features (tournaments are PRO by default):

  • Bulk Team Import
    Copy and paste your teams from a spreadsheet.
  • Playoff Brackets
    Add one or multiple playoff brackets. Single or double elimination. With or without consolation games or third place game.
  • Multiple Divisions
    Show multiple divisions (e.g. age groups or different skill levels) on the same schedule. Share times and venues between divisions, but keep teams separate.
  • Division Presets
    Quickly and easily set up all your divisions using our provided presets or create your own. Cut out the repetitive work of setting up each division from scratch.
  • Scheduling Constraints
    Prevent 2 or more teams from playing at the same time, add team requests (e.g. don't schedule Team 1 on Thursdays after 7pm on Field 2), schedule a division only on certain days, times, or venues. Our scheduler does the hard work for you.
  • Minimum / maximum time between games
    Playing multiple games in a day or week? Want to avoid doubleheaders or excessive wait times? This lets you set those parameters. 
  • Varying game times by week
    Does your field availability change over the course of the season? No problem. With the full version, you can enter game times for specific weeks.
  • Calendar View
    Visualize and adjust your schedule via drag and drop on our calendar.
    See this article for details.
  • Home Venues
    Assign teams to home venues.
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