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Updating Brackets / Playoffs
Updating Brackets / Playoffs

Fill in actual teams for seed placeholders // Advance teams to playoffs

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If you've seeded your playoff brackets with placeholders (1st of Pool A etc.) the system will automatically fill in the actual teams according to their standings once you enter the scores for all relevant pool/group stage games.

Manual Override

You also have 2 options of manually triggering this process – both located on the SCHEDULE MAKER tab:

  • Click Update All Brackets
    – if all your pools finish before the playoffs, this is your easiest option.

  • Click Fill In Teams for each bracket individually
    – use this if your playoffs start before all pools are finished

Winners are advanced to the next round automatically. You only need to trigger this bracket update once at the start of the playoff stage.  

Reset Bracket

A bracket with filled in teams, will show a reset bracket button. You can reset a bracket to its placeholders with this button in case you accidentally clicked fill in teams or update all brackets at the wrong time. Then you can click fill in teams again at the appropriate time.


Overriding Standings

If our standings do not reflect your rules 100%, you'll want to change the seeds using the dropdowns to select the actual teams for each seed instead of using the auto-fill buttons shown above. 

You'll only need to do this for the divisions for which you want to override the standings; then you can simply use the buttons (either option above) for the other divisions.

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