Standings are displayed on the Public Schedule page and will update as you enter scores.



Your default standings configuration is determined by the sport you choose for your league or tournament series

The default standings configurations are:

  • soccer: 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie
    tie breakers: goal difference, goals scored
  • hockey: 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie
    tie breakers: goal difference, goals allowed
  • all other sports: ranked on win percentage
    tie breakers: head-to-head, point difference

Custom Standings 

PRO Feature

To customize your standings, first go to your PUBLIC SCHEDULE page and click the Standings Config button above your standings.

You'll see the following dialog:

Click the edit or create new button to access the edit standings dialog:

You can change 

  • which columns are displayed and in what order
  • labels and abbreviations of those columns
  • tie breakers – the columns on which to sort and in which order
  • assign custom point values for wins/losses/ties as well as (overtime/extra-time) OT wins/OT losses
  • enable/disable sub-results (sets tracking)
  • enable/disable OT (overtime/extra-time) results



Head-to-Head – how does it work?

  • if teams have played each other more than once, aggregate goal difference (scored – conceded) is considered as well (away goals do not count for more in this case); if they're still tied, overall goal difference is used
  • if multiple teams are tied, head-to-head will sort first on the number of head-to-head comparisons won within the group of tied teams, then on direct head-to-head (if any 2 teams are tied on the first metric)


Custom Points

For points-based standings, you can edit the number of points awarded per win, draw, and loss. 

You can also manually set points for each match. Once a score is recorded, click the edit game icon for that game and edit the home points and away points fields.


Hide Standings

To hide standings completely, simply select hide standings under Standings Config.

In PRO, you can also hide standings for each division/pool/entire league by setting the number of games for the division to 0 on the Schedule Maker under Divisions or removing your divisions from the season by taking the checkmark off under Manage Divisions.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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