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Why am I being charged again to publish?
Why am I being charged again to publish?
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Why is the system asking for additional payment per team when trying to publish a schedule with a pro account?

Subscriptions do not apply to standalone tournaments

If you already have a PRO subscription and you're being asked to pay for a schedule per team, you most likely created yoru event as a tournament rather than as a league. Please see our pricing page for the distinction between tournament vs league.

If your event should be a league, let us know and we can switch you to save you from having to start over.

Adding playoffs (knockout brackets) to your existing league schedule is covered by your subscription (see this article for instructions).

Added teams

If you have already paid for your tournament but have since added more teams, you will be asked to pay for only the additional teams.

Confirm pricing tier

If you've published your tournament with the ad-supported tier and you make your schedule private and then re-publish it, it will ask you to confirm your selected pricing tier – this is how you can upgrade to the ad-free tier. If you select the ad-supported tier again, it will not charge you anything.

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