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Re-try Allocating Games
Re-try Allocating Games

What does re-allocation do? How is it different from regenerating?

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What does the retry allocating games button do?

Think of our system as a two-part system:

  1. The game generator

  2. The game allocator

The retry allocating games button only runs that second part.

Allocation does not add new games or remove games, it just allocates existing games to time slots.

In order to make new games you need to re-generate (on the schedule maker page, click the red erase games button and then generate schedule). This does throw out the current schedule entirely, however. If you don't want that you may want to add games manually using the add a game button.

As the info box above the button says: Locked games remain in place during re-allocation โ€“ this is NOT the case when you erase games. Erase games throws away all your games.

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