Is there a way to mark a forfeit?

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Q: Is there a way to mark a forfeit?

We typically recommend entering a negative score for the forfeiting team (e.g. 0:-3) so that it is counted as a win for the other team, but you can clearly tell that it was a forfeit.

You can also set negative points (if you're using points in your standings – as in 3 points for a win in soccer, for instance). To set custom points for a game, you'd just click the edit game icon above the away (right-hand) team.

What if both teams forfeit?

Another way to deal with forfeits, particularly when both teams do, would be to add a team named Forfeit and put it in its own division, then remove that division from your season so that it doesn't show in standings. 

Then you can click the edit button on the game to swap in the Forfeit team (and click Add A Game to add the forfeit for the opponent). 

Now you can enter a score that just gives the forfeiting team a loss.

If you're on LITE, you won't be able to do this yourself – we just need to add the dummy team for you once. Contact us in chat if you need us to set this up for you.

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