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How to shift games when you're getting off-schedule (rain delay)

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Things don't always go as smoothly as you'd want, so sometimes it's necessary to adjust the schedule by a few (or more) minutes due to unforeseen delays.

Now you can easily insert a delay that shifts all subsequent games of the day by the specified amount of time.

To start, head to the SCHEDULE MAKER and click Insert Delay at the bottom right:

This will put you in delay insertion mode.

While in delay insertion mode, hover over your schedule and you will see an indicator like so:

If you start dragging down, you'll see an expanding delay inserted there:

Any games that will be shifted will show in yellow with the new time as you can see above. (Only visible games will be affected, so any filters you've applied will be respected.)

You can also manually edit the the numbers in the hours and minutes boxes to be more precise.

You can also enter negative numbers to shift games earlier.

To apply the time shift, hit enter or click the enter button at the right:

To cancel hit esc or click the button on the left.

To exit insert delay mode and go back to normal, click the Insert Delay button again (not necessary if you applied the change with enter).

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