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Setting up a Team for Individual Player Registration
Setting up a Team for Individual Player Registration

Let your teams pay separately; collect custom form responses from all players

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Setting up a team for individual registration

On the season's REGISTRATIONS page, click the menu next to the relevant team and select Modify Registration:

On the resulting dialog, check the accept individual registrations box and enter the maximum number of players that can register as well as a player fee.

The player fee can be 0 in order to simply collect additional information from players via registration forms.

If you leave the open box unchecked, players will first have to be added to the team before they can register for the event.

By checking the open box, anyone can register for this team.

Setting a default Individual Price at the Event level

Once you've set up a team to accept individual registration, you'll see a new field under the team registration settings labeled individual price.

This lets you set a default player fee for any additional teams you want to set up for player registration so you can more easily change the price for multiple teams without having to modify each team one by one – just leave the player fee for the individual teams blank when you set them up and it will use the default individual price.

Adding a custom form for individual player registration

Once you've enabled a team to accept individual registration, you can also add a custom form for this registration type.

In the screenshot above, you can see that we have added a separate custom form for Individual Registration.

To do so, you can either edit an existing custom form, e.g. click the edit button next to your team registration custom form and check the individual box in order to use that same form.

Or you can click the add custom form button and select a different custom form for individual registration.

You just can't have more than one custom form per registration type.

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