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Adding Players / Users
Adding Players / Users

adding or importing users (players / coaches)

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Adding Players / Users

You can add users one-by-one or import them in bulk. Both options are located on the Users page of your dashboard.

Go to the Users Dashboard

Click the Import Users or New User button

Important: Please see the note about enabling accounts at the bottom of this article.

Note: Email address is required

You cannot add players without an email address (regardless of how you add them). You can reuse the same email multiple times, however. You could simply use your own email (or set up a new email address for this purpose) for players whose email address is unknown.

Importing Users

If you're looking to add a larger number of players, or entire rosters, you'll probably want to use the import function.

Navigate to your Users dashboard and click Import Users as shown above.

After clicking the Import Users button, you can import your players and teams in bulk from a CSV file.

Download the template CSV file on the import page.

(CSV can be opened in Excel or imported in Google Sheets.)

Plug your data into the template and save (as CSV).

Upload that CSV file on the import page.

After uploading your CSV, you'll see a preview of your data with any errors highlighted for you to correct.

After correcting errors, click the Validate button below the table to see if everything looks good.

If the data is correct and you see the green alert as in the screenshot below, click the Import button to process the data.

Your players are now in the system, but they won't be notified yet and they won't be able to log in yet.

In order for them to be able to log in, you'll have to enable their accounts by generating and sending them their passwords (see next step).

Enabling Accounts

When you create accounts (either through import or individually), they are initially in an unusable state (they won't be able to log in yet). This is to allow you time to finish any setup you might want before sending out notifications.

To enable accounts after adding new users, go back to the Users Dashboard and find the generate passwords button to activate the new accounts and send notification emails with login details:

Enabling individual accounts

You can also enable individual accounts by clicking into the user profile and selecting the Generate Password checkbox and then clicking Save.

The checkbox only shows if the user is not enabled yet. If it is enabled, they can reset their password via the Forgot Password link on the login screen.

Adding Players to Teams

We've shown how to add users into the system – and even bulk import rosters – above.

You can add existing users to teams by

  1. going to the Users dashboard (left navigation bar),

  2. clicking the user's name to view his detail page,

  3. scrolling down to the Teams card,

  4. selecting a team from the dropdown and

  5. clicking the button next to it to submit

adding a user to a team

Once a player is on a team, you can change their role to coach or captain or remove them from the team:

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