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Different Game Duration by Division
Different Game Duration by Division

Can I have different match lengths by age group?

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, we do not currently support different game durations by division.

You can only set one game duration per schedule.

We recommend setting up separate schedules for each game duration, i.e. grouping divisions by their game durations.

Say, for instance, you have 5 divisions, 2 of them play 90-minute games, 3 of them play 60-minute games. You'd set up 2 schedules – one with a 90-minute game duration and one with a 60-minute game duration.

You will need to decide ahead of time, which game times to give to which schedule. The scheduler can't see across schedules. If you enter the same game time in oth schedules, you may end up double-booking that time.

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