How To Access Team Pages

Team names in standings link to the respective team pages.

If you're on a team, you'll see a My Team or My Teams link in your main menu, which takes you to your team page:


Public / Private View

There is a public view that just shows the team picture, team members, and recent results; and a private view just for team members that has team chat and RSVP.

Teams with no team members have a 'join team' button that will let you claim the team and make you a captain, so you can invite other players, modify RSVP settings, etc.

Invite Players

Captains will see an Add Players button:

Each team has a unique invite URL – share this with players to have them join the team:


RSVP Settings

The settings icon at the top of the Team Events section lets the captain control when match invites go out:

Invites / Reminders

There are 2 sets of emails that go out for each game – invites (usually 6 days before each game at 11am PST) and reminders (usually 3 days before at 11am PST).

This form lets you set different times for these emails. (And specify your time zone.)

Captains also get notifications every time someone responds IN/OUT to a game. You can turn this off/on at the bottom of this form.


Team Picture

Captains can upload a custom team picture (ideal dimensions 2:1, e.g. 1200 wide x 600 high).

On mobile you have to tap on the current image first in order to bring up the button:


Adding Team Events

The ADD TEAM EVENT button lets you add things like practices and socials etc.

Currently, there are no recurring events, so they have to set up each practice separately. This is on my list as an enhancement.

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