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Overview of team management features

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Team Page Overview

Our team pages give your team managers a simple, free tool to get organized.

  • Invite players to join.

  • Send updates and have threaded discussions.

  • Send automatic game invites with RSVP functionality. No more endless Gmail threads and keeping track manually.

Example of a LeagueLobster team page


How To Access Team Pages

If you've already joined a team, you'll see your team page linked in your main menu – click your user icon in the top right:

showing the team page link in the user context menu

If you're trying to claim your team page or want to take a look at other teams, click any team name on your standings to get to the respective team page.

click the team name in the standings to navigate to the team page

Public / Private View

There is a public view that just shows the team picture, team members, and recent results; and a private view just for team members that has team chat and RSVP.

Teams with no team members have a 'join team' button that will let you claim the team and make you a captain, so you can invite other players, modify RSVP settings, etc.

showing an unclaimed team page and the join team button

Invite Players

Captains / coaches will see an Add Players button at the bottom of the roster section:

showing the location of the add players button on the team page

Each team has a unique invite URL – share this with players to have them join the team:

invite players dialog on the team page

Admins: please see this article on how to add players to teams via the admin dashboard.

Manage Your Roster

Captains can manage their roster by clicking on each player and selecting from a number of options

  • upload a picture
    for roster check-in (coming soon)

  • assigning a number
    for live stats tracking (coming soon)

  • making the player a captain / removing their captain status
    note: the team needs at least one captain, so in order to pass the captaincy to someone else, first make them a captain, then uncaptain yourself

  • moving the player to the inactive list
    keeps player on the page, but excludes them from game invites and team chat notifications

RSVP Settings

The settings icon at the top of the Team Events section lets the captain control when match invites go out:

Invites / Reminders

There are 2 sets of emails that go out for each game – invites (usually 6 days before each game at 11am PST) and reminders (usually 3 days before at 11am PST).

This form lets you set different times for these emails. (And specify your time zone.)

Captains also get notifications every time someone responds IN/OUT to a game. You can turn this off/on at the bottom of this form.


​ Contact Your Opponent

You can contact your opposing managers (captains/coaches) via the event's menu:

This requires RSVP to be enabled (see above).

Team Picture

Captains can upload a custom team picture (ideal dimensions 2:1, e.g. 1200 wide x 600 high).

On mobile you have to tap on the current image first in order to bring up the button:


Adding Team Events

The ADD TEAM EVENT button lets you add things like practices and socials etc.

Currently, there are no recurring events, so they have to set up each practice separately. This is on my list as an enhancement.

In order to cancel an event, we recommend simply adding CANCELLED to the title in order to keep people informed of what happened to the event. If you'd rather remove it completely, click the menu (3 dots) at the top right of the event > edit event > delete > confirm.

Team Chat

The team chat is really more of a team message board. Any new messages will be sent by email to all active team members.

Team members can reply to the notification email to post a reply.

Replies are nested under the original message, so you can easily have more than one conversation at the same time without descending into chaos.

To post a threaded reply on the team page, click the Reply link next to the message to which you're replying.

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