Single Elimination

To set up a standard single-elimination bracket, you just need to enter the number of teams and click Save Bracket.

Consolation Modes

Full Consolation
Gives all teams in the bracket the same number of games. Losers are not eliminated, they simply drop to a lower bracket and keep playing until each rank is determined.

Third Place
Adds a third place playoff match for the losers of the semi-finals (like FIFA World Cup, for instance) – nothing else.

Double Elimination

It takes 2 losses to be eliminated from the tournament. 

  • The winner of the Losers' Bracket (LB) meets the winner of the Winners' Bracket (WB) in the Final. 
  • The LB winner has to beat the WB winner twice in order to be crowned champion (otherwise WB winner would have been eliminated after 1 loss). 
  • The WB winner only has to beat LB winner once.

Two-Legged Ties

Teams face each other twice; the better team after both games advances. If you do not check two-legged final then the final will be just one game (e.g. UEFA Champions League). 

Currently, there needs to be a definitive winner (one team needs to have scored higher on aggregate) in order to advance. If you have a tie, please increment the score of the team you want to advance by 1.

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